[ Fixed ] System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10

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System thread exception not handled windows 10 – Most of the times just restarting the computer cannot alone solve the issue at hand. When we leave the small problems in the PC they can pile up and create bigger problems like what we are going to discuss now. System thread exception not handled by Windows 10 is a common problem faced by the windows 8 and 10 users.  This error could occur due to various reasons and doing other tasks such as start-up of the windows.  This error on a windows system is totally unpredictable as some may get this error during the boot process.  This article will be useful for users of Windows 10 who get the error on their system due to many reasons and to fix it. This problem is also called by some as the loop of death because of the total collapse of the PC.


System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10


The windows 10 system comes with an inbuilt recovery regarding this issue.  If you run the start-up the device automatically provides some solution to fix this blue screen of death issue.  Many users may think about how to access this automatic option. Many suggest that it is safe to use a bootable CD or USB for the windows system. This option will help you to get some brilliant tools which are available in the windows recovery option. To use the recovery mode of windows these steps will help you to do so.

  • When the system thread exception not handled error occurs on your windows screen try to switch your system off by using the power button.
  • When the boot process is going on simultaneously on and off the windows power button. Try these options until the windows show you all the recovery options.
  • If you reach the windows system recovery option go for troubleshooting and click the advanced option and now finally press the command prompt.
  • You can run the required command and press enter
  • If it finds some error it may not be fixed so you can try running other required commands in the field.
  • Now close the command prompt page and try to reboot your windows system.


Method 1 To Solve System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10 Error


In some of the devices, the drivers may be the reason for this error to display on the screen. However, it is very easy to find the driver which is causing the trouble and you can replace it. These following steps will help you to find which driver is faulty.

  • There is a brilliant application known as ‘who crashed’ which will help you to identify the faulty driver. You can run this tool on your windows system to easily find out SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED BSOD error.
  • After when you run this tool it will produce outputs which will be in the command form but it is understandable to find out the driver name.

If you do not want to run this tool on your system then you can follow these steps.

  • Open the computer in an option called safe mode. As soon as the system is switched on continuously press the F8 key until the OS displays a menu of options.

safe mode

  • Now select the safe mode option and press the enter button.
  • During the boot process or the when you log in the system the error may be displayed again with a file name as system thread not handled.
  • Note down the file that is being displayed on the screen.
  • Now restart the computer and troubleshoot this issue. Now you can reinstall the driver which is causing the error.


Method 2 To Solve System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10 Error 


When you have tried to get success in the safe mode and are not successful in it you can use this way to boot your pc.

Firstly you have to turn it off. Then take the battery out and unplug the source of power. Leave it for a few minutes as it is. Clutch the power button for five to ten seconds. After these processes you have to power up again but this time, not the battery. Just turn it on. The process of switching on must happen as normal. Put the battery back as soon as possible. If the booting of the PC is a success you can take off the driver that is causing the problem and reboot the system again.


Method 3 To Solve System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10 Error 


If you are irritated by the continuous BSOD then you have to disable the hardware acceleration in the flash as well as the browser. The hardware disabling acceleration conducted in the browser will be quite different.

How to disable the hardware acceleration in chrome?

  • Firstly open the Google chrome
  • Type chrome: //flags command in the address bar of the chrome and click enter.
  • You have to scroll down and locate to “GPU composite on all pages“.\
  • Click the option disabled in the dropdown menu and then the default option.
  • Now go for the ‘relaunch’ option now. The chrome will begin and restart.

You can also disable the hardware acceleration in Mozilla FireFox

  • Type the command about: preferences#advanced in the address bar.
  • Do not choose the “Use hardware acceleration when available“.
  • Close the FireFox browser and restart again.


You can also disable the Hardware acceleration in internet explorer

  • Open the internet explorer page.
  • Click the tools and internet options.
  • Click the advanced and the other option accelerated graphics. Mark the box “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering“. Click ok now.
  • Restart the internet explore at last.

You can disable the adobe flash player


adobe flash player


  • Go to the adobe flash player
  • Scroll down to step 5 that contains the animated tree type flash object
  • Right click on the animation and click the option settings
  • The dialogue will open now
  • Unchoose the option ‘enable hardware acceleration’
  • Now close the application and restart the PC now.
  • You can repeat the process again for the other browsers too.


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You will not get the blue screen of death after these processes. This problem happens in windows 8 and 10 more often than the other system. There are many other solutions you can follow to get rid of this loop of death for the system.

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