[Solved] System Service Exception Error on Windows 10

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system service exception windows 10

Solve the Windows 10 System Service Exception Error

The blue screen error is not a very rare error now because many users have been getting this issue very often on their Windows 10 system. Windows 10 still displays some of these obnoxious errors but now it’s been releasing some of the useful information regarding this system crash issue.

In this article one such common, the system service error solutions can be found here. You can know why this problem occurs and how to stop this error displaying on your system.

What do you mean by System Service Exception?

There are several reasons due to which this problem will occur. Sometimes due to the graphics interface problems and due to the corrupted files in the system the system service error may display. It is very easy for some customers to fix this error but some users find it very difficult to solve this situation.

The main method to fix this problem is by updating all your system drivers or by disconnecting the drivers which are faulty. You can also follow this below instructions to fix this error on your system.

Update your System

This is the first method is to check whether your Windows 10 system is fully updated. System which is not updated may cause many problems in the system. You can check if any recent update is available for your system top swiftly fixes this system. You can also try by tapping the windows + I key to open the control panel settings on your system. You can find an update and security option which you can select. If you find any update save and restart your device. Your system will reboot and the changes will be made in the system.

Check the System Drivers

If you want your windows 10 system to stop displaying unnecessary errors then you may have to update your system drivers. You can set the settings of your device to automatically update the drivers.  In some systems, the windows may not use a proper driver version this may cause some of the system errors.

To check whether an automatic driver update is available for your system you can check by update and security updates. View the history of the updates which has been done previously. You can also check whether if there is any new driver update is available or not. Search device manager in the search option. You can select the best version available for your device. You can also check if there is an error symbol is there. If there is no issue in the drivers then there may be any other fault in your device which may produce this error. If you see any alert symbol in a yellow color you can use the arrow and select that option.

If there is a fault in the driver then select update driver option. Search that system driver and set it to update automatically to avoid this problem. There are also many third party tools which you can install to update your entire system altogether. You can easily get the list of tools available for your system on the internet.


Next step is by trying to run the windows check disk from the command prompt. CHKDSK is actually a windows tool that checks the file system and some of the other important things. It also fixes the issues when it runs. You can type the command prompt in the start menu search bar. You can right-click the right match and select the option ‘run as administrator’. Then you have to press the windows key+x and you have to select ‘command prompt’. Next time you can type chkdsk /r and press enter. This command will help you scan your system for any mistakes and can also fix the issues.


System file check is another windows system tool that examines for any missing and harmful windows system files. This is also one of the CHKDSK. For the main thing about the SFC checks the windows system files particularly. The CHKDSK checks the entire drive for the any errors. However, before the running of the SFC command, it is good to double check the command to make it operative. The DISM stands for the deployment image servicing and management. The DISM is the integrated windows utility with many ranges of functions. Finally, the DISM restore health command tells that the next will solve the issues properly. Work through the listed steps.

  • Type the command prompt (admin) in the menu start and the search bar. Then you have to go for the right click and choose the run as administrator to make the elevated command prompt open.
  • The following command has to be typed press enter- DISM /online /Cleanup-image /restore health
  • You have to wait for the command to get completed. The process will take for over twenty minutes which will depend on the system health. Sometimes the process can get stuck in the middle so you have to wait for it to get completed.
  • If the process is over type the command SFC /scannow and press the button to enter.

Install the Official Windows Hotfix

There is the official windows hotfix for the device error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. However, the hotfix depends on the code called as the stop code that explains a particular issue SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. The stop code of the 0x0000003B and it depends on the IEEE 1394 devices. To say more clearly the firewire and the same branded versions of the interface standard.

You can check out the Microsoft hotfix page and you have to choose the hotfix download link that is available. You have to follow the onscreen guidelines. This will require the email information to send the hotfix. When the hotfix comes in your account utilise the link at the end of the page to download the file given.

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When the file sent is downloaded fully you have to double click the file to open it. The auto-extraction file will reveal C: / which will be selected as the default location. However, the hotfix will be added to the file path. This is done to make it simpler to locate the file that is unpacked.  After that to navigate the file which is extracted you have to click the right click and choose the option ‘run as administrator’ to finish the process.

These are some of the steps you can take to solve the windows 10 system exception error.

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