How To Solve 100% Disk Utilization Error On Windows 10?

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Disk Utilization Error

This error is faced by numerous users of Windows 10. The computer becomes more unresponsive and inefficient after this error. However, sometimes the problem is solved right after restarting your system but most of the times it stays and causes trouble.

However, you no longer have to worry about this error since we have come up with a fix of it. We have 5 different methods to solve this problem. Before we proceed to the methods let us show you how to identify if your computer is going through this issue.

Identifying Disk Utilization Issue On Windows 10:

You may face a lot of different symptoms along this Disk Utilization issue on your Windows 10. In order to identify these issues, we have listed some ways in which you can find out these issues earlier and solve them before they does harm to your computer system. To see if you’re having this issue follow the steps below:

win10 100 disk usage

Start by opening “Task Manager”, select the “Processes” tab on the Task Manager dialogue. If you would be having Disk Utilization issue you would see 100% written over Disk tab in the processes tab. This issue will later result in unresponsiveness and freezing of your computer.

You might also notice that the event log of your computer will contain different events like Event ID 129. This will depict the disk controller’s resets.

If you have noticed that your system has suddenly become slow despite of the tiniest of load being put on it. Then this might also be the issue of “100% Disk Utilization”. If you have been seeing these symptoms on your computer system then its time to solve this error by following our guide below.

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Methods To Solve 100% Disk Utilization Error On Windows 10:

Here are the ways in which you can solve the 100% disk utilization issue on your Windows 10 computer:

Make Amendments To Energy Options On Your Computer:

For solving this issue, you should change your computer’s energy options. For instance, if you’re having “Balanced” settings for power then you should change it to “High performance”. You can do this by following the below steps:


Open “Power Options” on your system.

power options


Select Advanced Settings from “Change plan settings


From this dialogue, choose “High Performance” from the menu.


Make sure that all of your power settings are set to default.


In the last, click “OK” on the dialogue and you’re done.

Block Windows Search:

The Windows Search despite being a beneficial feature of Windows 10 can also be a reason behind the 100% disk utilization issue on your computer. To solve this issue, try by stopping your Windows Search option on your computer and see if your computer works perfectly now.

If your computer speed up after you stop Windows Search, then the problem will most likely be with the Windows Search option on your computer. Instead of Windows Search, you can use some other alternative search engines to facilitate yourself. You can either stop your Windows search temporarily or permanently.

Temporary Method:

In the temporary disabling on Windows Search, you will get the access back to your Windows search after you restart your computer. For stopping Windows Search from your computer temporarily follow the below steps:


Press Windows X button along with R. Now choose Command Prompt option.


Select “Yes” from the dialogue that appears on your screen.


On the command prompt window, type net.exe stop “Windows search” then press Enter to stop the Windows Search.

win10 search stop

If the performance of your computer increases after this then this was the issue with your computer. Otherwise, look out for other alternatives mentioned on our blog below.

Permanently Method:

When you find out that the reason behind you 100% disk utilization error is Windows Search, then you can stop it forever by following the steps mentioned below:


Press Windows and R button. On the dialogue type, services.msc then press OK.


Right click on Windows Search option and choose properties.


In the dialogue box, under the General tab, change your status type to Disabled from the drop down menu. Then press “OK” to save your settings.

Issue With System Driver StorACHI.sys

Microsoft asserts that the Event ID 129 that shows the Disk Manager resets results from different elements. The most widely recognized factor for this is the models of AHCI PCIe (Advanced Host Controller Interface PCI-Express) bring about such side effects on a Windows 10 PC when they are kept running with the driver of StorAHCI.sys.

Due to some firmware bug, SSD (Solid-State Device) finds it difficult to input or output when MSI (Message Signaled Interrupt) is enabled on your computer system.

So in order to fix the 100% Disk Utilization error on your computer, you must first disable the MSI mode with the help of registry before finding out if the AHCI driver is running on your computer. You can do this by following the guide below.


Long press the Windows and R button to open up the Run box on your Windows 10. Type devmgmt.msc in the box and press Enter key.


In IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers, right-click on Standard SATA AHCI Controller and select properties.


Under the “Drivers” tab, click on the “Driver Details” button. If you find something like storahci.sys in the System 32 folder, then your inbox driver is currently running on your computer.


After this, close the Driver tab and select the “Details” tab from the previous dialogue box. Under property, choose “Device Instance Path”. Note the path value which starts with  ‘PCI\VEN.


Now you must run registry on your computer. For doing this you need to type  “regedit” in the Run box on your computer and then press Enter.


Move to  ’HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\PCI\<AHCI Controller>\Device Parameters\Interrupt Management\MessageSignaledInterruptProperties.’ Here, the <AHCI Controller> indicates the ‘Value’ path you noticed before.  The <Random Number> will be different for every individual.


Click on ‘MSISupported’ and enter 0 in its ‘Value data’ box. Now click “OK” to save your changes.


Restart your computer after this to check if this fix worked.

Google And Skype Settings Amendments:

If you have Google Chrome and Skype installed in your computer, the settings with Google and Skype can also lead to 100% Disk Utilization error on your computer. This can be solved by following the mentioned steps:


Launch Google Chrome on your computer. Go to settings by clicking on the three dots on the right corner of your screen.

win10 chrome 1


Scroll to the end of the page and click on “Advanced Settings


In the “Privacy and Security” section of advanced settings, turn off “Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly


Moreover, make sure that Skype is not currently running on your PC. To check this, locate to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\.’


In that folder look out for “Skype.exe” and open its properties by right-clicking on it.


Now click on the “Security” tab and select “Edit” under this tab.


Click “All Application Packages”, and under the permissions menu check the Write option to give permission to write. Now click on Apply and then OK to save your settings on the computer.

This will solve your 100% disk utilization error for sure. Verify it from the task manager after completing the above process.

Stop Super-fetch Service On Your Computer:

This service is generally used to increase the efficiency of your computer but at times this can be a reason behind your 100% disk utilization error on Windows 10. To check if the cause of your error is Super-fetch. Try turning it off on your computer and check if the problem persists by following this simple guide:


Press Windows and X keys simultaneously and open Command Prompt as Admin.


Click on Yes on the User Account Control dialogue box that appears on your screen.

win10 stop superfetch


On the Command Prompt screen, type net.exe stop superfetch and press Enter key. Wait for a while and check if the performance of your computer is increased.

We have listed the five most effective ways which are most likely to solve your 100% Disk Utilization error on your computer. I hope your issue would have been solved. Try all of these methods and see which one works for you the best.

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