How to Fix Windows When Host Process Rundll32 Has Stopped Working

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What is rundll32.exe? – You may have wondered about the rundll32.exe in the task manager. They will be running and you will not know clearly what they are for. Many times you would have seen the files running in the windows which are the pieces of application logic that has the ability to access many types of application. There is no other way to present a DLL file. So the rundll32.exe file is used to produce functionality which is stored in the files. These types of workable files are important to the windows system.  The file is also not considered harmful to the windows.


This process can be found in area \Windows\System32\rundll32.exe. However, the spyware utilizes similar filename and works differently for the purpose of invisibility. If you find out that you have trouble you can scan and check what is going on. Check out the different things about the rundll32.exe.


Windows Host Process (Rundll32) has stopped working


Windows Host Process (Rundll32) has stopped working


Delve Into The Process Explorer On The Windows System 7,8,10, Vista, etc


In place of using the task manager, you can utilize Process Explorer utility from Microsoft. This is to see Whats happening. It gives you the advantage of working in all the versions of the windows. It is the best option for the purpose of troubleshooting. You have to unleash the process explorer and have to opt for the File \ Show Details. This is for having an eye on all the processes to check if you can observe all the going on’s in the windows.


Now when you stay close with the rundll32.exe in the options listed you can see the tooltip containing many of the important details. On the other hand, you can also right click and click the properties option. You will be able to see an image tab which will contain the pathname that is being revealed. You can also look at the parent processes which is the shell of the windows that is (explorer.exe). This means that it is being revealed by a startup or shortcut item.


You can come down and see the details of the file displayed the same as the file displayed in the task manager. It is a division of the NVIDIA control pane so nothing can be done now.


Is The rundll32.exe a Virus?


computer virus


Many of the virus creators give a name for the viruses they spread. There is a possibility that the maker can name the file as rundll32.exe. However, if your computer has a bogus rundll32.exe running it will not be visible in the windows screen for you to look in the System32 folder where the DLLs also are present. This program as we saw earlier is part of the windows system. They are utilized to run the DLLs files program code as it is in the regular programs. You can check whether it is a virus or not with the Security Task Manager. It will show you if the file is a Trojan, virus, spyware or a worm.  Being extra careful has not harmed anyone. So you can inquire if the file is harmless or not easy with this idea.


Disable Windows The rundll32 Process


It depends upon the process to decide whether to disable it or not.  However, if you want to disable it then there is a procedure to do it.  In the search box, you can enter the command msconfig.exe. You can find this option in the command column.  It is exactly like the command line option which was previously seen in the process explorer. You can unmark the box so that you can stop it from reappearing on the screen.  In this way, you can also stop it from automatically getting on.


Many at times processes main start-up will not be there. In such issues, you can research for what reasons it is not there. In the XP if you open the option called display properties you can see and another rundll32 file. To launch the dialogue windows basically uses the rundll32.


Disable rundll32.exe In Windows 8 or 10 Version


To disable it in the windows system versions 8 and 10 the task manager tool will help you. With this task manager app, you can select the start-up option and disable it effortlessly. The task manager can help you to finish tasks like this very smartly.


Fix rundll32.exe Using Windows 7 Or The Task Manager App


In all the system you can view the applications which are running behind the background. Likewise, the Windows 7 will allow you to know all the running apps and this version of windows system is fully featured. One amusing feature of the taskbar is you can see the entire command line for the apps which are running.  You can also see two rundll32 files in the list.


You can check the command line for the file you want. There is no restriction to find the command line for any app. the user can click on the app for which he wants command line. The file which is in the list suggests that it is the full path. The system 32 directory displays the rundll32 file which is of the valid path file.  Another problem is that the DLL has been running. Now scroll down and search the file you want.  When you click on that particular file then you can see what actually the file is about.


If there is no information or details displayed about the file then there are other ways with which you can find. Right-click and tap on the properties option.  Now, you can see the complete file details and a detailed description.  It is now very simple to fond the purpose of this file and for what it is being used.


Once the concept is understood you can get a clear idea to disable it or not. If there is not at all any information available for it then you can see the whole of forums. These forums will definitely help you find solutions for this issue. The forums can be very helpful as it contains the solutions of users who have got those issues and who have been successfully corrected it on their systems.


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Final Words


Perform all this task and you can easily get rid of this issue ” Host Process Rundll32 Has Stopped Working ” If still, you have any doubt then our contact us page is there for you or comment your thought regarding this issue.

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