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Picasa for Windows Review – Uploading and editing your photos is now very easy with Picasa. There are tons of photo editing apps available online. This has increased the competition between the photo editing tools they keep on trying to provide a new unique feature in it. The photo editing function has become popular with increasing smartphones.


A digital photo is a thing right now for sure. From taking photos from important events or photos taken by professional photographers’ digital photos is the best way to capture your memories in the best way. Photo editing tools are very useful these days as photos can be cropped, enhance the color, get rid of red-eye and lots of other editing options.  Finest editing options are found in the Picasa app.


picasa for windows review


Picasa is affiliated with Google. Then Google decided to close Picasa and launched Google photos instead. However, this Picasa editing tool is compatible with windows 10.  The best part of this program is that now you can upload photos and video to Google photos through the Picasa client. Many users may wonder how Google Picasa is superior to Google photos.


This is because Google Picasa for windows comes with the finest editing options and Google photos for Windows 10 is very inefficient.  The Google Picasa comes with a pre-built photo viewer option which can replace the other photo apps and default photo apps in your windows 10 system.


Features of Picasa


  • Picasa editing tool is available for free of cost.
  • It is very safe to upload your photos and edit it in the Picasa app.
  • The latest version of Picasa is available for the Windows 10 version.
  • Picasa is very compatible with the entire windows 10 version.
  • It is very easy to manage all your photos with the help of the Picasa app on your windows system.
  • This tool has many editing options such as cropping, red-eye removal, eye bag removal, contrast, and many other editing options.
  • You can also edit a group of the photo on the Picasa app and add your favorite music to make an amazing photo with a music track.
  • Picasa allows you to tag the photos to properly organize them.
  • You don’t have to manually sync your app as the software automatically starts the synchronization process whenever you open the app.
  • You can create your own personalized screensavers, posters and you can also create movies.
  • Some of the new features of Picasa is that you can duplicate detect and empty albums.

Changes in Picasa


picasa windows


Picasa is an ideal point to import, organizing photos and sharing it with loved people.  This app is very easy and simple to access.  Amateur photographers and ordinary users will definitely appreciate this app. it is very interesting to experiment with new filters and edits with the Picasa app.


  • Share your edited photos on famous platforms such as Google +.
  • Upload your beautiful photos with tags on Google +.
  • There are yet more editing effects uploaded on Google +.
  • This platform provides side by side editing of photos.


How to Load Photos in the Picasa app


We can load our app from the camera to the pc or laptop computer through the USB port. Utilize this method if you got the photos on the memory stick, disc, and camera.


  • Firstly open the Picasa
  • Plug it in the camera and switch it on. You can also insert the card, disc, and stick.
  • Reach the import tab in the Picasa app and choose the camera from the menu on top.
  • All the pics on the photos will load and be visible on the screen.
  • You can choose the pictures which you want to crop and the shit control for multiple pics.
  • You can utilize the menu which can be found in the bottom and choose the file for importing. Go to the ‘pictures’ folder where Picasa will create the file with the date. When the photos are from the many dates it can make the app which can create many dated files for them. If you like you can name them as ‘today’s date’ and etc.
  • Then you can import the selected button for the purpose of importing it. If you like you can import them all if there is a technique.

The photos you cropped will be saved in the recent updates folder in the first list. It can be in the file having a date and the name you gave it.


How To crop the photos in Picasa App


The other process is to modify the pics. You can crop the photos in the shape and size you prefer. For a website, the square images will suit but for facebook rectangular images will be the best. You can modify and customize the images as per your preference.


  • You can decide on the photo you prefer to change and click it. You can open the image and edit.
  • You can crop the photo by can clicking the ‘crop’ bottom spanner tab.
  • You can decide on the length and breadth you want the photo to be changed. The menu will have a variety of options. ‘Manual’ option will allow you to get the cursor to the rectangular shape. The changed sizes will make the cropped parts in correct proportions to use it every time.
  • Many people prefer the square for the blogs so use the ‘CD cover’ option.
  • Once the CD cover is chosen it will show you three areas for cropping. If you choose the parts to focus on the photo it will highlight. Then you can click and get to the area which is highlighted to adjust till you are satisfied.
  • Click in the corner to modify the box larger and smaller. You can click in the center part of the place and change its size.
  • If you want to see the crop box click the button ‘preview’.
  • Then click the option apply.
  • You can also re-crop if you want to crop the pic again.
  • Picasa will store the image automatically.


These are some of the processes you can use to crop the pics in Picasa.


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Final Words 

This is all about Picasa For Windows Review, Try today this app to explore more.

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