Guide To Fix An Msvcp120.dll Is Missing Error [Solved]

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Are you a gamer willing to install computer games on your computer but you are being stopped by MSVCP120.dll missing error? Then this guide is for you.

This error is quite annoying since it stops it from opening your desired program. The error states that “This application failed to start because MSVCR120.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.” In this case, re-installing the program could be a hectic way to solve this problem since there is no guarantee that it would solve this issue.


However, you do not have to worry any longer. We have come up with few of the possible fixes that might solve the missing dll error on your computer.

What Is Dll Error?

DLL is the short-form of Dynamic Link Library. These files are essential for C++ redistributable pack. They work as .exe files for softwares of programs. Since many programs and games are based on this framework, the missing of these files may cause the app or program to not execute.

The missing DLL files can make it difficult for games and programs to launch which are based on C++/CLI, C++ or C programming languages. The error can simply be solved by re-installing the game but if you are not willing to waste your time over it then try the following fixes to solve this issue for you.

Fix 1: Reinstalling Visual C++ Redistributable Packages:

Since MSVCP120.dll is a file which is a part of Visual C++ pack of Visual Studio (Version 2013). So the reason behind the missing file error would be wrong or faulty installation of the pack. The only way to solve this issue is by re-installing the whole pack from the official Microsoft website. We are here to show you how to download it properly, follow the guide below to know:

microsoft visual C


Download the C++ software from Microsoft’s official website by simply searching it on the website and downloading it by clicking on the download button.

download visual c++ 2013


Choose the right download pack according to your system. For instance if you have 64-bit system then install the 64-bit download pack and the same goes for 32-bit.

64 bit system


Install the program by following the instructions after the downloading is completed.


Restart your system to let the changes take affect.

If this method does not work out for you, then don’t give up hope and look out for other methods that we have provided below.

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Fix 2: Authentic Installation Of The Desired Program:

You can also solve this issue by simply downloading the MSVCP120.dll file manually on your computer. Make sure to download it from a authentic developer to save your computer from virus and malicious files.

Moreover, if you are not aware of downloading malicious free files from the internet then you can copy these files from a authentic Windows PC having the same system as yours such as 64-bit or 32-bit. To find that file on a system, open your search tab and search for MSVCP120.dll to find all the dll files on your computer. Here is the complete guide to download it authentically:


If you are having a 32-bit system and you are looking forward to install games in it but you are facing the dll error then you should you should copy the desired MSVCP120.dll file from a computer or download load it from a authentic website and copy it to C:\WindowsSystem32 on your computer.

windows system32

However, if your system is 64-bit then there is a more crucial method for you to follow. You will be having 2 types of .dll files. If you have 64-bit system, then proceed by copying the 32-bit file to the C:\WindowsSystem32 and 64-bit file to C:WindowsSysWOW64

windows system64


Press Windows + R keys together to Launch the Run Command. On the Run dialogue box type regsvr32 msvcr120.dll and click on “OK

regsvr32 msvcr120.dll

regsvr32 msvcr120 dll

This will solve your missing MSVCP120.dll error. If this is not the right fix for you then continue reading the other fixes.

Fix 3: Make Use Of The Advanced Repair System Tool:

It might not have crossed your mind but advanced repair system tool is one of the best repair tools for Windows 10. It can fix your errors automatically. Follow this step by step instruction to solve your error:


Download and install system repair install tool for free from the following website


After the installation the program will scam your computer and check out for errors on your computer.

advancec system repair tool


Click the “Clean Now” button after the scan is completed.

asr tool


If your computer faces any issues, this program will create a restore point within your computer. Once it is created, the program will now solve all of the errors troubling you with your installation.


If this fixed your problem, amazing! You’re good to go. However, if you’re still facing trouble then read the other methods to find out the right fit for you.

Fix 4: Scan Your Computer From Viruses:

Your system might also stop reading .dll files if it is affected with malware or viruses. Normally, the trojan malware is involved with missing .dll file or .dll file not found errors on your system. Before trying out this, you must make sure if this is the reason why you are facing this issue. To do this, you will have to scan your computer for viruses through an anti-virus installed on your computer. We usually prefer Trojan, NTV or Norton anti-virus for this purpose since the Windows Defender is not enough to deal with issues like these.

windows defender tool

Read the guide to find out how to do this:


Open up your anti-virus either by searching it on the taskbar or by simply clicking upon its icon on the desktop or in the menu bar on the right hand corner of your screen.



Scan your computer with a full virus scan of your computer. This might take some time to finish. Do not go out for the quick scan option for it will save your time but will not provide a full scan of your system leaving some of the critical areas untouched. You may miss some of the malicious parts on your computer with the quick scan feature.


If the antivirus on your computer comes up with malicious content on your computer then follow the set of instructions provided to remove it from your system. Restart your computer upon removing the virus from your content to let the changes take place. This would have solved the missing .dll issue on your computer.

We have provided a complete guide and methods go help you solve the missing .dll or .dll not found error on your system. We hope this would have helped you. Stay tuned for more fixes!

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