KIK For Windows (8.1 & 10) : KIk Messenger for Free Download

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Kik for PC Download

KIK For Windows (8.1 & 10) : KIk Messenger for Free Download If we have an idea that the worldwide messages are becoming stable we are proven wrong. The text messaging is becoming the thing of the past such as the social media messaging. The beginning of the messaging services like the Kik for pc is making the other social media platforms seem old-school. Therefore along with the development we also have to get updated on using the messaging apps then only we can keep up with the current generation otherwise we may lag behind. The Kik messaging app is one of the apps which are going to make the other messaging apps seem a bore. So want to learn what that is? Let’s see some of the important details about the app.

What is a Kik messenger?

The Kik messenger is made by Kik interactive which is a Canadian company. This was released in October 2010. This data utilises the mobiles data connection and the Wi-Fi connection to send the text messages. You can also share the pictures and the videos in your system to anyone who uses the Kik account. The app enables you to connect with your buddies by utilising the mobile numbers.

Kik Messenger

You can also use the usernames by scanning the codes provide by Kik. This app is not very different from WhatsApp and Viber but it contains the not so before additional features such as anonymity. This app will certainly become and is becoming popular among the younger people because of such features. You have to give your contact details to get into the account and register for most of the messenger app however for the Kik you are not expected to do anything. You can create an account just by giving your Google account details. Choose the username you prefer and use the app.

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Why use Kik for PC?

Kik is the best application to use for pc. You can share messages that are unlimited and you can also share some other files like gifs, emojis, sketches, videos to more than one person at the same time. Kik allows the features to group chat also so you can form groups with friends and chat with your heart’s content. Many people like to use this kind of an app. The interface of the app is easy so everyone can use it. Some of the other features of the Kik app are the following.

  • Access web from the application

This is one of the excellent features of the Kik app. You can access the web within the application if you want to refer to a site or a page. Now you do not need another tab for using the chrome. You can do the chat and visit the webpage you want to visit.

  • Privacy

This is the most important feature that is essential for any messaging app. The user only needs to decide if the application can use the contact details or not.

  • Profile integration

You can have your own profile and also the username. You can change the picture you display in your profile and place the details of the contacts as per your preference.

  • Chat list

Like the features in the smartphone, the Kik app can keep your contact list organised. You can just click the name of the person and begin chatting with them.

  • Live typing

The app shows the delivery status of the chat you sent and you can also see whether the person you are chatting with is typing or not. This allows you to know if the person you are chatting is ready to chat with you.

  • Chat customization

If you find that you do not like the chat background colour of the screen in the Kik app you can change it. The settings in the Kik app will allow you to change the colour.

  • Notifications

If you receive notifications you can allow a sound for it in the app which contains the sound specifications for notifications.

  • Multimedia messages

Not only the text messages you can also you can send the gifs, videos, emojis, sketches, images and other types without any issues.

  • Group Chats

Kik messenger allows you the feature to group chat as well. You can create your own group by choosing the search icon and selecting the people whom you want to add in the group.

  • Video Chats

You do not need to download other video chatting apps like Skype and the Facetime. You can video chat with your friends in the Kik app as well.

  • Invite friends

You can invite your friends to join in the club of Kik app.

There are several ways by which you can download the Kik for pc let’s see them below.

Bluestacks For Windows PC

Kik messenger was developed primarily for Android and iOS platforms to download it on your pc.  For this, you need to download an emulator app for it. However, Bluestacks is one of the best emulator apps available today.  An emulator app replicates an OS you want.

Bluestacks For Windows PC

  • The first step to download the Kik messenger is to first download the Bluestacks emulator app on your device.
  • After clicking on the download button try to install the emulator app.
  • In the search engine of the emulator app search for Kik messenger.
  • Install the messenger app once it is downloaded.
  • Now launch the application and start to create your own account on Kik messenger app.

Chrome Extension

The Google Chrome browser has developed a Google Chrome extension.  This is a very user-friendly extension which can be operated effortlessly.  To download the Kik messenger download the chrome extension first.  To avoid downloading this device from external sources you can follow this simple method.

  • First of all, open your Google Chrome browser on your PC. Now you have to search for the Google Chrome extension for the Kik messenger.
  • You can find various download links for the Google Chrome extension. You can click on any one of the extension to download the app.
  • You may see a new page opening on your device. Then click add the button to chrome.  By clicking that you can download the Kik messenger on your app.


Leaproid is a spectacular emulator app with which you can download the Kik messenger app very effortlessly.  Leaproid app is very unique from others as you can play various games in high resolution.

  • The first step is to download the Leaproid application.
  • This is a large file so it may take time to download it. Once the download is completed allow the app to install it.
  • Double click on the downloaded file. You may be requested to enter your login details.  Now you can search the Kik messenger in the search engine.
  • Now download the Kik messenger as you download other apps and start using it.

The Kik messenger has incredible features which make this app very brilliant when compared to others.

Kik Messenger Login

Kik messenger is a popular messaging application which is available for both the Android and iOS users.  The interface of this app is very excellent users without any technical knowledge can also use this app without any complication.  More than thirty thousand users daily use this messenger app.

This app was developed by the students of Waterloo University. When the app was first developed more than one million users around the world registered with their login details to download Kik messenger. This application was also available in the Microsoft store.

  • It is very easy and simple to log in the Kik messenger and enjoys the unlimited messages. Let’s see how to sign up in the Kik messenger.
  • Open the app click the signup button first.
  • You may now need to enter your first and last name on the respective columns.
  • The people in the messenger will identify you with the name you enter. You can also modify and edit the name if you want.
  • Now you can choose a unique username for your account.
  • You can see whether the user name you entered is available or not. If a green colour symbol appears next to your user name then it is available. If you see a red mark near your user name then it might have been already taken.
  • If you find any other person using your unique username then you can seek the help centre regarding the family.
  • Now type the email id and other details in the next page.
  • Enter a valid email id because this will be used as your login id. If by mistake if you enter an invalid email id then your account might get deactivated.
  • Enter a strong password. Fulfil all the password elements.
  • Create a password which you don’t forget and a unique password.
  • The next column will ask your date of birth enter it correctly.
  • You can use the Kik messenger when you are above the age of 13 years. If your date of birth fulfils the terms then the account will be successfully created.

By following all the above instruction properly you can easily create your Kik messenger app. there are also several methods suggested above to download the app try the method which is convenient for you.

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