[Guide] What is idp.alexa.51 and how to remove it?

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idp.alexa.51 is also called the Alexa Trojan virus and it is known since 2016 when numerous clients who are utilizing AVG, AVIRA and AVAST antivirus programming got admonitions that this application may be noxious and could be a malware (often when you are utilizing obsolete antivirus database).


How this virus can infect your PC?

This virus can be introduced on your PC when you go towards downloading “Flash games”. Most of the time it occurs when you download new games and applications on your computer.

As you know that there are normal and advanced installations. If you go through with the “standard installations” then might you have introduced idp.alexa.51 on your PC. But if you go with the “advanced installation” that you can unmark some checkboxes and can also skip installations of undesirable and harmful software.

So be careful while installing software, check the setting of the advanced tab and all checkboxes. And it is the way by which you can avoid the installation of unwanted software on your PC.

 Is it a virus or something else?

At some point later it was denied and AV organizations have detailed as false positive about that application. So it implies IDP.ALEXA.51 isn’t a virus or malware. A large portion of the cases this application was found in Windows %appdata% and %temp% envelope as .tmp.exe records.

Is idp.alexa.51 harmful for your PC?

Regardless of that this application was set apart as not malignant, some security specialists state that this application could be perilous in light of the fact that it collaborates with system work and opens a secondary passage for outsider clients like programmers, cybercriminals, etc.

Symptoms of this infection:

In fact, this application could also be helpful for those kinds of activities:

  • Unwanted information access
  • PC slowdowns
  • System can crash
  • Unwanted and unauthorized software automatic installations
  • Data or file loss
  • Other dangers like adware and spyware infusions

If you are aware that this application is entered in your PC and if you faced such symptoms which are mentioned above, immediately install antivirus software or scan your system with antivirus data packages. You can also use www.virustotal.com free service for harmful file scan online.

What are the applications in which idp.alexa.51 is introduced?

There are many applications in which this infection is introduced by hackers to harm all the computers and to get information from them.

It includes in:

  • SeaMonkeys
  • Plants VS Zombies
  • KMSPico
  • FiveM
  • MyDailyLife etc.

The most interesting thing is that such softwares are not that harmful that so many users are still using it and adding it to an antivirus security software list but due to this hackers have made a clone of malware with the same name and is infecting many computers all over the world.

What are the harmful effects of this malware?

  • inject adware (undesirable adds shows on your PC)
  • Inject program hackers (changes your default web search tool, including toolbars and so on.)
  • Can Steal your private information (usernames, passwords, financial balance logins)

If you are AVG user or of other antivirus programs that are mentioned in this article and got a notice about Alexa infection, don’t overlook that and must check. Otherwise, you will have to face huge losses regarding money or private information.

How to get rid of it?

If your PC was contaminated by this sort of infection, it is better don’t pause and evacuate it at the present time. There are two different ways how might you dispose of it from windows 10 or old versions.

Try not to stress, simply pursue the means and you will clean your PC without carrying it to the security experts.

Manual removal method:

If you want to remove this malware from your PC then you have to follow some steps.


  • Press the “windows start” button.
  • Press the “Gear Icon” finds the tab “APPS“.
  • Then Open Windows Control Panel and go to the tab “Include or evacuate program“.
  • Use the search bar and type in “idp.alexa.51” on it.
  • Select “Remove”.

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Automatic removal methods:

If you are good in use with computers and not being able to remove it manually then you can also use antimalware softwares to get rid of it and you will be sure that your PC is 100% safe.

List of antimalware softwares:

We recommend you to upgrade your PC and to use these softwares like:

  • Malwarebytes antimalware
  • Zemana antimalware
  • Wipersoft antimalware

1: Malwarebytes software:

Malwarebytes is one of the most dominant and inventive of malware applications. It was created by an organization of a similar name – Malwarebytes.

This organization began its work in 2004 is as yet working effectively today. Malwarebytes hostile to malware programming was first discharged in 2006, yet different updates are as yet coming consistently right up ’til the present time.

If you want to read more and download then let’s start search Malwarebytes.

2: Zemana Antimalware:

If you want simple and effective antimalware software to secure your PC then Zemana Antimalware is the ideal decision for you.

Zemana Antimalware is created by Zemana Company which is a cyber-security supplier that spotlights on antivirus and against malware answers for home clients and businesses. It was built up in 2007 and today and also has workplaces in Europe and Turkey.

So download Zemana Antimalware and keep your PC safe.

3: Wipersoft Antimalware:

WiperSoft is a quick and straightforward antispyware, antivirus, and antimalware programming for every user. WiperSoft gives clients free and paid forms of the product. The free form can check and identify spyware, while the paid form really evacuates identified dangers, gives free client care and custom fixes include.

So don’t wait and download Wipersoft.

Final verdict:

I feel that I have given you all the data about the Idp.alexa.51 and its solutions to erase it from your PC. I think that it is better to use the automatic removal method to remove unwanted softwares from your computers because you actually don’t know how much malware is there on your PC.

So think about it and choose the best antimalware software to clean your PC and keep it secure.

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