How to Fix Consent.exe Error on Windows 10/8.1/7 PC or Laptop

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Consent.exe is a windows file of executable type and it is one of the most vital files of any windows computer. The file is responsible for User Account Control on Windows PC or Laptop. You will come to know the importance of the file we are talking of in windows vista and xp. It manages all the users with non administrative stature, nothing but the standard users. With the help of consent.exe file all the non administrative users can perform administrative tasks without switching the accounts. That is the biggest advantage of the file and you will be missing all those tasks and all without the file.

Consent.exe Removal Guide

Causes of the Error Consent.exe

Some people might think that the file is a virus file. That is a pure mistake if you think that the file is a by product of a virus. You might think it is because of the virus whenever you experience the error on your windows pc. But believe me, the error may happen because of the error but the file itself is not a virus. The file along with the virus infection can be called and shown as rogue consent.exe file. At that time you need to take manual action to remove the virus infected file along with the virus. With our discussion, we may conclude that the error occurs because of the virus.

There is one more best practise to recognise the file type whether it’s because of virus or not. If the file size is same of the verified file size 8.9 Mb, it’s not a virus file. If the file is even more in size or less in size, that’s nothing but the virus.

Here are few methods to fix the problem. They are personally tested by me and my team to help you have only the best methods.

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Method 1 : Run a Virus Scan

If there is a first aid method to resolve the issue, this is that. You should always have an antivirus software to stay safe with your pc. No need to purchase any license and product keys if you are using the pc for normal purpose only. You will be able to remove the virus files and virus from your pc if you can run a virus scanning. Else you will be in risk and at the edge of losing the valuable files.

Method 2 : Manually Replace the File in c:\Windows\System32

This is yet another awesome method to resolve the problem. Though you do this method, it is necessary to have one antivirus program in every windows computer to avoid virus infections to the files. So kindly follow the simple steps that i have given here.

  1. Download the file consent.exe from the internet official sources.
  2. Go to c:\Windows\System32 on your windows computer.
  3. Type consent.exe in the search bar and try to locate the file in that window.
  4. Now, Rename the file with Backup_consent.exe and do not try to delete the file. Saving it for future purposes is appreciable.
  5. Copy and paste the file that you have got from the internet in the step one.
  6. Restart you windows computer or laptop to apply the changes.

Those are the two best methods to fix the problem. Let us know if those methods does not work for you. So that we will try to help you better with some other alternative methods.

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