How To Fix 0x000000EA Windows XP Error Easily

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Experiencing 0x000000EA error on your Windows computer and want to solve it ? If yes, then you will surely find this guide useful. Because today in this post, we will cover how to fix 0x000000EA error or your PC or laptop easily.

Mainly 0x000000EA error is caused due to graphical adapter  when it stops working and encounters the problem. Most of the times Windows XP users face it and you can fix it easily if you know how to solve common windows errors.

0x000000EA error

Causes of 0x000000EA Error

In technical terms, error 0x000000EA causes when graphic card is left idle, it is sent to infinite loop. This loop then confuses your computer  and when it needs to re-initiate the graphic card, at that time PC is unable to do so.

The common causes of this error includes:

  • Hardware acceleration issue on computer
  • Problems in Windows Registry Files (Corrupt Windows Registry)
  • Out dated graphic drivers
  • Graphic card problems

0x000000EA Error Messages

You will get following error messages when 0x000000EA graphic problem encounters on your PC:



How To Fix The 0x000000EA Error

If you are facing the above error, then you can fix by try out the things mentioned below:

Updating Graphic Card Drivers

Windows mainly uses drivers to communicate with different hardware devices connected with your computer. Make sure graphic card is not causing the error and if it does, then you should need to download the the latest the graphic drivers and update to latest ones.

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Updating Driver for Video Adapter

Video adapter actually allows your system to interact with graphics card easily. Most of the times it happens that video adapter drivers gets out dated which then causes blue screen of death showing the error. It is always recommended for PC users to update video adapter drivers in order to not face any graphics issues in future.

Changing Hardware acceleration of graphic card

Windows is mostly relied on powering your graphic card through hardware acceleration. If you are accelerating your computer hardware a lot, then probably chances are that hardware accelerate is set to maximum in options for games. If you are facing the 0x000000EA Error on your computer, then you need to set hardware acceleration to none.  In order to do so:

  • First click on Control panel and choose display.
  • In settings option, click on advance and move to troubleshoot tab.
  • There you will find hardware acceleration option, set it to none and then choose enable write combining check box.
  • Click OK and that’s it you are done.

Cleaning Windows Registry

Another thing you can try to fix the error is cleaning your windows registry files. Because most of the times windows registry database has problems  and these registries are saved in wrong way. Now it makes difficult for windows to read the files and run them smoothly. A damaged windows registry database can cause a lot of PC issues. If you are facing error due to corrupt windows registry files, then you should need to clean your windows registry through using Registry clean program.

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So these are the common and best ways that you can try to fix 0x000000EA Error easily on Windows computer. If you have any query regard this article, don’t forget to let us know in the comment box below.

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