Guide to Fix 0x8007007e – Windows 10/8/7 Update Error

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When you move towards downloading or updating windows 10, then you may have to face some error issues with an error code of 0x8007007. This error will stop downloading or updating processes and prevents you from installing windows 10.


Usually, many people face these error issues; you can be one of them. So there is nothing to take the stress of it. Just look at my guide below, which I have prepared for you. I will tell you reasons why such an error occurs, and then you need to follow instructions to get rid of such errors.

Why such types of errors occur?

There can be many reasons, but the most common issues that keep you away from the installation can be the following:

  • Windows Defender, Windows Firewall or some antivirus is some blocking connections that may fail the updating process and show error code: 0x8007007
  • There can be some corrupted files present in your PC includes INF files, DLL files, exe files, etc.\
  • Maybe the version of Net Framework that is required for this process is not installed.
  • The invalidity of registry files.

How can you fix this windows update error?

Here in this guide, I am going to mention some solutions and useful methods that help you in fixing this error for sure. You have to follow step by step instructions by yourself.

How to Fix 80070057 Error on Windows 10/8.1/7

Methods to fix:

Here are five ways that I have selected for you!

Method 1:

By Using Advanced System Repair Tool:

An advanced system repair tool is of such kind that is designed to scan your computer and to repair all the issues and errors itself quickly.

It is beneficial in finding all the bugs or viruses on your system and fixes it quickly. It also helps in repairing registry files, can updates old software or drivers, clear junk files, and keeps your system safe from any damage.


Follow the given steps to download this tool.

Method 2:

To Remove Antivirus Or Other Unwanted Softwares:

Sometimes you remove antivirus, it doesn’t prove to be useful for you. You should remove all antivirus or other malware and at last disable Firewall. Then after this, try to update your windows, and you will not get any error. If this method becomes successful, then you can install your antivirus again in your system and can enable this Firewall again.

Method 3:

Apply Updates In Clean Boot Mode:

Windows starts using with minimal drivers in this clean boot mode. If there is any outdated software or drivers that may be conflicting with your windows update and raising such problems, then it will be removed automatically. It will provide the ability to install all updates easily.

Method 4:

To Download Office Troubleshooter:

It is a straightforward option for you to get rid of these issues that occurs while updating windows.


  • Download in your system first the file of the office troubleshooter.
  • Open it then and hit “next.”
  • It will then start detecting all the files automatically and will give you all the problems, if any, found on your device.
  • Now hit the “FIX” button. Your error will be fixed!

Method 5:

To Reset Windows Update Components:

By resetting windows components, you will surely get an error-free environment to update or install windows in your system. So it can also be a better option for you!

Final verdict:

The above-mentioned methods will surely work for you to fix the error 0x8007007. So try and have an error-free environment.

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