Guide to Fix 0x8007007e – Windows 10/8/7 Update Error

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Are you facing error 0x8007007e while updating and downloading your Windows? This error interrupts your installing or updating process and will not allow you to install it smoothly on your device.


What can be the causes of this error 0x8007007e ?

There can be so many reasons that can cause such type of error on Windows 10 but mostly the following reasons can be responsible for this error:

  • Windows Defender, antivirus or Windows Firewall can be blocking the connection so the updates can get failed or interrupted and shows the error code (0x8007007e).
  • There can be corrupted windows files on your PC which includes doc file, INF file, exe file, etc. which may stop the windows from installing updates.
  • The version of .Net Framework which is required for such processes is not installed on your computer.

How can you fix Windows Update Error?

Here, in this article, I am going to discuss some useful methods for you to fix this error code. The best thing is that you can perform all the steps by yourself.

Solve With 5 methods that I have selected for you!

Method 1:

By Advanced System Repair Tool:

This kind of tool is designed to scan and fix any Windows upgrading or installing problem just with few easy clicks. It scans your whole PC and finds all the problems that your PC carries. Further, it gives you a guide to fix all the problems within your PC.

It can repair junk system files, removes viruses or malware, delete privacy data, and update all the outdated softwares and drivers. It further boosts your device’s speed.


Here are steps you should follow for it:

Method 2:

Remove Antivirus or other unwanted softwares:

Removing antivirus doesn’t work usually. You need to remove antivirus or malware and then disable the firewall. After that, you should try to update your Windows machine.

Most of the time, you won’t get any error code from it. But the main thing is that after the installation of updates you must have to install an antivirus program again and enable windows firewalls.

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Method 3:

To Reset Windows Update Components:

By Resetting Windows Update Components you will be surely provided a clean and error-free environment for Windows and make you easily download and install updates. You can easily reset windows update components by the following steps to solve 0x8007007e  error.

CMD Command


  • Open Administrative Command Prompt on your device.
  • Type “command” in the start menu.
  • Then you click right on command prompt and select “Run as administrator”.
  • Run the following commands one by one given in the command window.

-Type net stop wuauserv
-Type net stop cryptSvc
-Type net stop bits
-Type net stop msiserver

Must press “Enter” after each step.
-Type ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
-Type ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 Catroot2.old and press Enter
-Type net start wuauserv
-Type net start cryptSvc
-Type net start bits
-Type net start msiserver
Press “enter” after each step and Close the Command Prompt.

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Method 4:

Apply Updates in Clean Boot Mode:

Windows start using with minimal drivers in clean boot mode. If there is any type of outdated softwares or driver that is conflicting with windows update and raising such a problem, it will get avoided automatically. Then it will be easy for you to install updates.

Method 5:

To Run Windows Update Troubleshooter:

It is one of the easiest and effective ways to fix any windows update related issues.


  • Firstly, Download windows update Troubleshooter in your device…
  • Press the “Next” button.
  • It will start detecting problems automatically and will show you all the difficulties.
  • Then press “next” to fix such issues.


This whole article, I have given you 5 methods to fix such type of windows update error. Follow these and it will surely work.

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