[Fixed] Msvcp100.dll Missing Windows 10 [100% Working]

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Msvcp100.dll missing windows 10 – Installation of new programs may be a cause to rise of lots of new problems specifically with the missing.dll problems.  This problem has occurred for the users who have recently updated their Windows 10 system.  Many users have posted complaints about this error as the Msvcp100.dll and Msvcr100. dll files are missing from their system. In this article, you will find some of the solutions to fix this error.


Some Common Problems For This Error – Msvcp100.dll Missing Windows 10


Msvcp100.dll Missing Windows


“Msvcr100.dll not found”- this a standard error of this type it is completely possible to solve this error with one of the solutions listed below.


“Msvcr100.dll event ID 1000”– in some systems the event ID 1000 error occurs. It is very easy to fix this error has come with a file name. So it is very easy to detect the file which is causing this error.


“Msvcr100.dll entry point not found”– another major issue with this error is the missing of all files on your system of which the entry point is not found.  This is a simple error which is found commonly found on many systems.


Method 1 To Solve Msvcp100.dll Missing Windows 10 Error 


Visual C++ Redistributable package download


The downloading of the visual c++ redistributable package is a problem for many of the people. But do not worry it can be solved. You can download this package in a trouble-free way by which you can get rid of the error message.  MSVCR100.dll and MSVCP100.dll are the two important things missing in your computer. It depends on the makeup of the computer. You can get the x86 versions or the version x64. After the installation of the package, you can restart the computer and examine if the errors come back again. You should not forget that you have to install the many versions of the visual c++ redistributable package to fix the problem.


Many of the users have shared that they fixed the problem by installing the visual c++ redistributables again.  It looks as if the package of C++ Redistributables solved the issue of many people and it will take care of your issue as well. Therefore all you have to do is to get the package and to restart your PC. You should also check for some errors. Then you have to install many versions of the visual c++ redistributable packages for you to solve the issue.


Many users have also said that the Visual C++ Redistributables resolved the errors when it was installed. It also seemed that the Visual C++ Redistributables was corrupt when it was upgraded and by reinstalling them again the problem was sorted out.


Method 2 To Solve Msvcp100.dll Missing Windows 10 Error 


MSVCR100.dll and MSVCP100.dll manual download


If the solution of installing the Visual C++ Redistributables packages did not seem to work, you can try downloading them manually from the internet. There are many sites available for .dll downloads but you should be wary of using the unreliable sites which may be harmful.


If you are not sure of downloading the files from the internet sites that are from the third- party sources you can actually find them in your PC itself. The users have found out that the files can be located in the windows. old pc directory. The directory contains the files of windows old version and the necessary files in a system32 directory.  To resolve this issue you have to copy the necessary files from Windows.old to System32 directory from the current installation of the windows. This is only available for a few days after the upgrade. Therefore you can identify it. If you are not able to see it then you can copy the files from the working windows 10 PC. Once you get all the missing files the problem will be fully resolved.


Method 3 To Solve Msvcp100.dll Missing Windows 10 Error 


Install the new iCloud update


The third solution is a bit different from the other two and also the easiest one.  When the files MSVCR100.dll and MSVCP100.dll are missing, you can simply mend the problem by updating the iCloud. It appears that the newest version of the iCloud will allow you to install the files. If you are utilizing the iCloud do not forget to update it if it solves your problem.


Method 4 To Solve Msvcp100.dll Missing Windows 10 Error 


Due to some third party app installed on your Windows 10 system it may cause the missing of mscvp100.dll error. Some users say that this issue may occur due to the PMB volume watcher. After a while, after some researches by the user,s it was found that this application was one of the apps developed by Sony’s play memories application.  To fix this issue one of the suggested solutions is to completely remove this application from your system.  After removing this application completely from the system many users say that the error did not appear again.  If you are using the Sony play memories application then you can update the app to its newer version rather than uninstalling it.


Method 5 To Solve Msvcp100.dll Missing Windows 10 Error 


Some of the corrupted files in your windows 10 system can also cause the msvcp100.dll. A file can get corrupted due to various reasons.  If the error is caused by the corrupted file then you can easily fix it by the SFC scan. Follow these instructions carefully.


  • The first step you should follow is to press the windows + x button so that you can reach the win + x menu. Then click on the command prompt from the results shown. If there are no command prompt options available then use the power shell option.
  • When the command prompt option opens now click on the SFC option and presses the enter button.
  • The scanning of the files will start. Wait till the whole process if fully completed. This action may take at least 15 minutes to complete.
  • The prompt command is needed to act as an administrator.
  • When this option opens enter DISM and clicks on the enter button.
  • This scan takes approximately 20 minutes tills it gets over.
  • After when both the DSIM and SCF scan is completed then see whether the error is displayed again or not. However, many users say that this error is fixed after the DSIM scan is once completed.

These are some of the solutions for this error Msvcp100.dll Missing Windows 10. Follow the exact above steps to solve this issue.

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