[Fixed] Unknown USB Device [ Device Descriptor Request Failed Windows 10 ]

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Device descriptor request failed windows 10- USB drives are very useful for everyone.  Many use them every day if there is some fault when connecting it to your system then it can truly be very frustrating.  Many of the Windows 10 users would have to know the device descriptor failure error. Malfunctioning of USB is one of the common errors on the Windows 10 platform.  This error can be totally fixed and you can find reliable solutions to these problems here.


Some Of The Major Causes Of This Error


device descriptor request failed windows 10


From containing huge files to sharing and storing files USB devices are the first choice one could make to complete these tasks. There are various types through which these USB devices are available such as flash drives, pen drive, and memory card.  It is very convenient to use these pen drives as they are very compact, portable, and easy to carry and in this small size device massive files can be stored and easy to transfer files.


The USB descriptor is a file which stores all the information regarding a connected USB device.  It not only stores information but also helps to recognize the USB devices which are connected with your windows 10 system.  If the descriptor fails to work then an error 43 will be displayed on the screen monotonously. When a USB device is inserted in a pc some of the notifications are displayed on the user’s screen.


  • The USB device is unrecognizable. The previous USB device connected is a malfunction and did not attached with the system and USB device on windows not recognized.
  • Try connecting the device again as windows did not recognize the device.
  • One of the USB drive attached to the device is malfunctioning. Your system may not work properly.
  • Unknown USB drive code 43 error.


These above-mentioned messages may be displayed by your computer when the USB descriptor is not working properly.  This is a problem which is faced by many of the windows users so there are many tested solutions which can really assist you to fix this issue. Some of the major cause for this may be the hardware. So let’s see some of the effective ways to troubleshoot this problem.


  • Connect the USB device on a different port so that you can find whether this is not because of a damaged port.
  • Connect it with another computer to check if there is a problem with the device.

If there is no problem with the port or with the USB device then you can follow these steps.


Method 1 To Solve Device Descriptor Request Failed Windows 10 Error 


  • Disconnect the power plug from the pc to stop the power supply.
  • Now, restart the pc and attach the device to USB port.
  • Now give the device the power supply.


Method 2 To Solve Device Descriptor Request Failed Windows 10 Error 


  • There is “universal bus controller option” in the device manager and try to find the USB device which is not recognizable by windows.
  • Right click on the USB file and uninstall it.
  • Once uninstalling it, you can reconnect the device again and windows will install it automatically.


Method 3 To Solve Device Descriptor Request Failed Windows 10 Error 


This issue can be caused by the reason such as the faulty USB driver. If you try to update the driver there is a possibility that the problem can be fixed. However, if you are not sure about using the drivers you can perform the function automatically with the help of Driver Easy.

This will certainly identify your system and search the right drivers for your use. You do not need to know when your computer is running and you also do not need to install and download the wrong and unsuitable drivers. There is no possibility of mistake when you are installing the driver.

You can revise the drivers without any human intervention. You can use the free version or the pro version of the driver easy. The advanced pro version only takes just two clicks. You will get thirty-day money back promise and support.

  • Firstly, download and install the app driver easy.
  • Run the driver easy and choose the option ‘scan now’. This function will then scan your computer and will find any errors it may contain.
  • Choose the update button which will be adjacent to the USB driver to mechanically download and install the proper version of the driver. You can also have access to the version of the driver in the free version.
  • You can also go by this step. You can choose an option ‘update all’ which will spontaneously download and install the right version of all the drivers that are not present or out of date in the device. This will require a pro version. You can update when you click to update all.


Method 4 To Solve Device Descriptor Request Failed Windows 10 Error 


If the windows are booting faster the outward device might not be visible before the end of the boot. Then a problem will arise. In this matter, put out of action the fast boot option which will be available in the power options. This can solve the problem.

  • Click win+R that is windows logo and R key. You have to click it at the same time and a dialogue Box Run will be present.
  • Type the control button in the box run and click the ok button. This will open the option called as the control panel.
  • See the large icons and go for the ‘power options’.
  • ‘Choose what the power buttons ‘which will be in the left pane.
  • Then click the option ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable.’
  • Then in the shutdown settings, you can unmark the box adjacent to the ‘Turn on fast startup’. You can select the ‘save changes’ to save what you did.


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The device descriptor is the only root for the descriptor and this contains the device details and information. The distinguished numbers of the product and the id vendor will find the device which is connected. The operating system of the windows utilize these codes to decide which driver must be suitable for the system. Therefore use the solutions mentioned above to solve the error Device Descriptor Request Failed Windows 10. It will help you to make everything right.

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