How to Fix Windows 10 update error (0x80240034)?

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While installing Windows 10 update on your computer, you may come forward with Windows Update Failed Error 0x80240034. Don’t worry, since we are here to provide you with the best solutions to solve this error message while your Windows 10 Update.


This can be because of plenty of reasons. These reasons include system files corruption, corrupted registry files, old drivers an softwares which no longer work, or wrongly configured system settings. In this article, I am stating the most common solutions for this problem.

Method 1: Using Advanced System Repair Tool

The reason behind this error will most likely be corrupted files, or damaged files like DLL files, sys files or EXE files. Our computer has plenty of system files that are assigned different tasks of computer. If any of these files get corrupted or replaced then you are most likely to get this error code 0x80240034.

For solving this problem, first of all Download Advanced System Repair Tool then try to scan your computer following the steps given in the software. This software will scan your computer for damaged and corrupt files and would remove or reinstall them. This would solve your problem with Windows Update. Try updating your Windows again after this step.

Method 2: Using Troubleshooter To Solve This Problem

The most essential method to solve Windows Update error 0x80240034 is running the troubleshooter on your computer. This method works on all Windows 7/8/10. To run this troubleshooter, follow the steps provided below:

  1. On the start menu, search for Troubleshoot and click on it.
  2. In the System and Security menu, select fix windows update problems.
  3. Doing this will launch the troubleshooting wizard on your computer. Try reinstalling or updating your Windows after following the above steps and launching the wizard. Your error 0x80240034 will not occur after this step.

Method 3: Switching Off Developer Mode On Your Computer:

The work of Developer Mode involves installing files only from trusted sources. This software might restrict several files from downloading and this might be the cause behind your Windows Update failed error 0x80240034. To turn off developer mode, follow the steps provided below:

  1. In Settings, go to Update and Security and choose Developers options on the panel on your left hand side.
  2. From this panel, select don’t use developer features button or select Sideload apps on the list.
  3. Now save the settings and close the tab and continue updating your windows.

Method 4: Resetting Windows Update:

If all of the above methods did not work for you, this method is most likely to work for you. This will fix any error during your Windows Update including the error 0x80240034. There are two ways to reset your windows update. You can either reset your Windows update manually or automatically.

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Method 5: Checking System Files:

If you are facing the issues with your Windows update despite trying everything then the only way to solve this issue is by resetting your Windows Update components. You can do this by following few simple steps stated in this article. The steps to reset your Windows update components are as follows:


Open Command Prompt on your computer from the Start Menu.


Type “sfc /scannow” in the dialogue that appears after opening up the Command Prompt and click on Enter.


Now wait till the process finishes, then close the command prompt window and update your Windows again. This might solve your problem.


I have stated all the possible methods to solve the Windows Update error 0x80240034. Hope this would be helpful to you. These methods can easily solve all of your problems with Windows Update failure.

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