7 Easy Fixes to Fix For Windows 10 TaskBar Issues

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With earlier versions of Windows, the taskbar was not considered a great feature. But with new Windows 10, there are amazing and essential features in the taskbar which makes it stand out from the other versions of Windows. The taskbar of Windows 10 is one of the best feature of Windows 10 with so much to offer for its users. It is customizable according to user experience. However, users have experienced a few errors with the new Windows 10 taskbar which makes it difficult for them to enjoy this experience.

windows 10 taskbar

Attractive Features in Windows 10 Taskbar:


Windows 10 taskbar has a new and exciting task view feature which allows you to view all the windows currently opened on your computer. It can also create virtual desktops for the users. You can create different desktops for different purposes for example for school, for work and other things.


With new search feature in Windows 10 Taskbar, you can search plenty of programs on your system with a single search and you can also interact with Windows personal assistant named Cortana.

The Taskbar of Windows 10 can overall provide you an excellent experience by providing you customizable options for your Windows which makes it different from other Windows. However, with some of the prevalent issues in Taskbar you can not enjoy all of the favors provided by the Windows.

windows 10 taskbar2

1. Common Issues With Windows 10 Taskbar:

Keeping in view the experience of users who used Windows 10 taskbar, it is noticed that users experience the following issues while using Windows 10, which prevents them from experiencing the amazing features of Windows 10. These issues are listed below:


This is one of the most common issue with Windows 10 taskbar. The search bar stops working preventing you from using all the search features.


The taskbar stops taking commands from users.


The taskbar becomes unresponsive to clicking making it unusable for the users.


Cortana stops working.


This feature stops working making it difficult for users.


The icons on your taskbar disappears and goes missing.


Jumplist feature stops working in the Windows 10 Taskbar.


Icons in the taskbar stops responding to user’s commands.


The right-click mouse button stops working making it difficult for you to access few features of the Taskbar.


It makes it difficult for you to pin programs on the Taskbar avoiding smooth access to apps and other features.


Taskbar fails to boot as you start your Windows.

2. Solutions for Windows 10 Taskbar Issues:

We have listed a number of ways in which you can solve the above issues easily by following our step to step guide.


Outdated drivers can be a major reason for causing issues with Taskbar. Try this simple guide to solve some basic issues with Taskbar on your computer. Read the step by step instruction below to find out how:

  • STEP 1: Search out for a software called “Driver Talent” to update the drivers on your computer automatically. The tools like these helps in identifying the problem with the drivers of your computer and will update them to avoid causing any trouble. This will solve your issue with taskbar because majority of the drivers makes your Taskbar to stop working properly.


Faulty add-ons can also be a reason behind unresponsive Taskbar. To solve this issue follow this simple guide:

  • STEP 1: Reboot your Windows in Clean boot mode. Look for unfamiliar add-ons that might be causing the problem.
  • STEP 2: After finding the add-on causing problem with explorer.exe, remove it and it might solve your taskbar problem.

3. Creating New Account User On Your Computer:

If none of the above solutions worked out for you, this solution will definitely provide you a fix for all of your Taskbar issues. You can do this by following the guide below:

  • STEP 1: Press the Windows key along with the l key to open settings tab on your Windows 10.
  • STEP 2: Choose Accounts from Settings tab and select “Family and other Users” tab from the panel on the left.
  • STEP 3: Among “Family and Other Users” tab select “Add someone else to this PC” option to create a new user for your computer.

To avoid confusion with your original user account, select different option for a new account.

4. Unresponsive Taskbar Fix:

If you are unable to touch the icons on the taskbar, then this fix will solve this issue for you. As much as this fix is useful for you it might delete all of the apps on your system of Windows 10 completely. So, make sure to save your important data before trying out this fix.

  • STEP 1: Press X along with the Windows Key to open the Quick Link menu. After doing so, run Command Prompt from the list and open it as administrator by right-clicking the Command Prompt option.
  • STEP 2: Paste the following command into the command prompt box dialogue that opens:

Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage–online

  • STEP 3: Press the enter key to run the command. Make sure to restart your computer after it to allow the changes to take place.

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5. Solving The Taskbar Issue With Command Prompt:

If your taskbar is unresponsive or is not showing up or your icons are not present in your Taskbar then this is the right fix for you. Follow the step by step guide to solve this problem by using the Command Prompt function:

  • STEP 1: Press X along with the Windows Key to open the Quick Link menu. After doing so, run Command Prompt from the list and open it as administrator by right-clicking the Command Prompt option.
  • STEP 2: Enter the following command into your Command Prompt dialogue box:

command prompt

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

This will solve your issue with missing icons or other dysfunctions.

6. Solution For Auto-lock/hide Feature:

To fix this issue, there are two main methods which are stated below:

  • METHOD 1:

An application on your computer might be causing the issue with your taskbar. In order to solve this issue you should follow the guidelines stated below:

  • STEP 1: Click the arrow pointing upwards present on the right side of your taskbar. Look out for errors present or any other suspicious notification that probably be causing the problem.
  • STEP 2: If the issue still occurs then start a full repair system for your computer to solve this issue.
  • METHOD 2:

Start Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Esc key. Then click on the Process tab then click on Windows Explorer. Then click the Restart tab at the bottom of the dialogue.

7. Registering The Taskbar Again:

If none of the above solutions solved your problem with Taskbar, then this fix will definitely solve your problem through the Powershell feature. This feature is similar Command Prompt and is started by using the Command Prompt as well. Follow the guide below to solve your problem:

  • STEP 1: Open the Powershell application by searching on the Taskbar and run it as administrator.

run powershell as administrator

  • STEP 2: Type the following command in the dialogue and press Enter afterwards:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

appxpackage allusers

  • STEP 3: After running the above command, visit the following folder:


delete username

  • STEP 4: Delete folder named TileDataLayer from the list and check if your problem is solved.

The above solutions might have helped you in solving your issue. Follow our blog for more solutions and provide your feedback in the comments section! Stay tuned with us!

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