How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error [Solved]

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dpc watchdog violation

How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error [Solved] | Quickly & Easily!

A Step by step guide to fix Windows 10 DPC WatchDog Violation (Error code: DPC_Watchdog_Violation) error on your laptop and personal computer. The DPC watchdog violation has caused quite a lot of confusion between the users.  This is a recurring error; if you have faced this problem in the recent days then you are not alone as many users face it.  This issue is really annoying has many users have searched many solutions to fix this error but unfortunately many have not been able to fix it. However, in this article, you will find many methods to fix this error.  To fix this problem correctly first let’s get a broad idea about the DPC watchdog violation error.

What is meant by DPC watchdog violation?

The DPC watchdog violation is a much-found error in many of the Windows operating systems.  This error can occur due to some particular reason such as the use of outdated SSD version, the unsupportive SSD when the hardware is not compatible or some of the corrupted files in the system may misbehave. The first step is to check whether your windows device is properly updated and if the SSD hardware is up to date. If you know how to remove and problematic hardware then you can remove it from your device. So of the new hardware may also not be compatible so check whether it is supportable with your device or not.

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  1. Solutions to fix the DPC watchdog violation error

Many users have been requesting to post solutions to fix this issue. These below suggested solutions have helped many of the users to solve this issue.  So these are not some vague solutions but a list of best solutions to fix this problem. Let’s see some of the detailed solutions to fix this error on your Windows 8 or 10 versions.

  1. Removing external devices

Before doing anything first if any other external device is connected try to disconnect them all. All the other external devices except the keyboard and mouse should be disconnected. The external devices such as the hard drive, scanner, printer and a state drive can cause the error. Once all these are disconnected the DPC watchdog violation error may be fixed.  To exactly know which external device is causing this error try plugging in one by one to recognise the faulty device.

  1. Update the state drive

If you use the SSD on your windows device then you may have to update it. An outdated drive may cause such errors on your pc.  You may download and update the latest version of this drive from a reliable source. Without an updated firmware your device cannot manage an SSD properly.

ssd model number

Follow these instructions to update the firmware.

  • To open the windows explorer click the windows + E key.
  • On the left side, in the menu double click on my computer file and select the mange button. In some windows version, you may find this PC option click on that.
  • In the computer management option, you may see a device manager option and click on it.
  • There will be a complete list of disk drives that are available in the pc. Now type SSD and all the details about this drive will be displayed such as its model and other specifications.
  • After knowing the exact model of the SSD go to the manufacturer website and search if there is a new version is available.
  • After updating it the DPC watchdog violation error may not appear again.
  1. See if there is any corrupted file

The corrupted system file is the main reason for this blue screen error.  To fix the DPC watchdog violation errors check whether any of your windows files are corrupted.  If there is an issue in those files then this solution will definitely be a great help.

First, open the command prompt for the administrative privileges. When this window opens to try to enter the following command “CHKDSK C: /F/R” and click the enter button.


Your windows system may use the c drive so it will tell you to perform this action the next time your system reboots.  Press the Y key if you accept to this condition.

Your computer will now restarts do not press any key when it is restarting.  Now the system will verify if there is any corrupted file. Wait until the whole process is completed.

After this process, you will know if there is any corrupted file or not. If the system detects any try to delete them to avoid the blue screen error.

  1. Scan all the system files

Sometimes scanning your windows system is a good solution to fix the DPC watchdog violation error.  For this as an administrator open the command prompt.  In the command prompt windows type SFC and enter.  The system will automatically scan If there is any error or issue. Wait till all the process and the restart is done.

  1. Find out the reason

It is very important to find out the reason why the DPC watchdog violation error is appearing on your system. This will help to fix the problem in future if it is displayed again.  There is a tool available in your system to find the reason. In the c drive file, you can see a minidump folder. This folder can be also found in the event viewer.  There is another tool which will help you to view the problem that is the bluescreenview. This will help you to diagnose the error which appears on the system.  This tool can be used effortlessly all you may have to do is to download it from an authentic source.  You can find an easy solution to troubleshoot this problem.



The above-mentioned solutions are a very excellent way to solve it.  If all the methods do not work out you can use the windows restore option.  This will help you to turn your computer in a safe mode.  You can install the whole system freshly to avoid these kinds of errors.

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