How to Fix 80070057 Error on Windows 10/8.1/7

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The error that we are talking of is a common error in windows computer. But i can understand your need to fix 80070057 Error on Windows pc or laptop. So this article is specially written for you keeping in mind of your requirement. The problem is mostly associated with the windows update or windows live mail messenger service. The error message would generally indicates the issue with the windows updates or a problem with the windows operating system that you have. This guide will help you fix the issue in less than two minutes.

Fix 80070057 Error

What made to happen this error on your pc will be the cause. So it is better to know the cause first before going to the solution. Going back to the solution once you get some idea about the issue. So that it will help you fix the issue on your windows computer. It’s also a best practice to maintain your pc to avoid such problems in future.

Causes of the Error 0x80070057 on Windows

The error that occur on your pc will be an issue with the operating system. Which means the pc with windows os is not able to process the updates. So you need to lookup at that windows updates part also. Along with windows updates, there will be one more reason and that would be an error related to the email client. So you will not be able to send and receive the emails from the basic outlook email wizard.

Here are few methods to help you fix the issue. So take a loot at the methods that we have shared and let us know which does not work for you.

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Method 1 : Rename Software Distribution Folder

This is the best method to fix the issue that we are talking of. So go through the simple steps that we discuss here and fix the issue.

  1. Open Run command by using the start menu or from by using the short cut Windows+R keys.
  2. Type ‘services.msc’ and then click enter.
  3. Give a right click on Automatic Updates and Stop them.
  4. Now, Type %systemroot% and then hit enter. That will fetch you the windows root folder.
  5. Locate the software distribution folder from the list of folders that you have in that windows and rename it.
  6. Make sure to rename the folder with the name that you should remember the name for future reference. Type something for that folder and hit enter to apply the new name.
  7. Again open Run and type ‘services.msc’ and hit enter to open the services window. Right click on the Automatic Updates option that you get in this process and enable Start. This will turn on the automatic updates again on your windows computer so as to cope up with the windows updates.

Method 2 : Run a Virus Scan on Your PC or Laptop

This is yet another important method that would probably help you fix without any issues. You need to look up for viruses on your pc or laptop. If you find any virus shortcuts or virus infected files, you need to remove. And then you can try for the windows updates to install them without any issues.

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