How to Fix ”Failure Configuring Windows Updates” Issue

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Here is how you can fix failure configuring windows updates on windows pc. This guide is especially written for you to help you fix the problem. You may need to install some updates for your windows pc to stay upto date. Updating a pc is a good thing and it is recommended too. What if you face some kind of issues which restrict you from installing required updates?. You need to fix them before they take control of you windows pc. You can find those guidelines in this article to fix the problem without allowing it to spoil your computer.

Failure Configuring Windows Updates

Causes of the Problem Failure Configuring Windows Updates

Know more about the error that you are going to fix first. It is always better to know the problem in detail along with it’s format and all. You will get this error on your windows pc while updating windows updates. So let’s check out how the error message appear on your windows pc.

Failure configuring windows updates. Reverting changes. Do not turn off your computer.

That is how you can see the error message on your pc. Do not get disappointment as you are not able to install the windows updates. Let us take a while and check the solutions to fix the problem.

We are going to give you the best working methods to fix the problem. Let us check them and find a best way to solve the issue on your windows pc.

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Method 1 : Restart Your Windows PC

This is the basic method which is simple and easy. Just restart your windows computer when you face the issue on your windows pc. Restarting windows pc might fix the problem. This method can be the best one for whatever the reason.

Method 2 : Deleting Update Cache

This is the best working method to fix the problem with windows update errors. You might have heard about the cache, it works better for user experience. Cache is a powerful thing and it may restrict you access resources sometimes. You can access the resource after deleting the cache on your pc. Follow steps given below to delete the update cache.


  1. Go to Start Menu and find a Run command or Press Windows + R key at a time.
  2. Type msc and hit enter on the black screen.
  3. Scroll down and find Windows Updates from the list.
  4. Double click on the services and click Stop and then OK.
  5. Also find Background Intelligence in the list and stop in the same way.
  6. Go to C: >> Windows >> SoftwareDistribution >> DataStore. And Same path with Download in the place of datastore and delete everything on those folders.
  7. Now Restart you windows pc and Restart Installing the Windows updates.

This will fix your windows updates problems so that you can try installing window updates. You can try this method whenever you face the issue. You can try clearing the registry if you feel that the registry on your windows pc is having errors. Take a while and follow the steps that given above and fix the problem anytime.

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