How to Setup Chromecast on Windows 10 System [ Latest Guide ]

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Chromecast For Windows – Chromecast is known as the Google-based streaming media adapter that gives the opportunity for the user to see online content like the music and video on digital television and PC. The adaptor is a type of a dongle that connects with the televisions HDMI port. To power the device the cable can be connected to the USB port. The mobile application can be used as an initiator to make the smartphone, tablet, and desktop into a remote. When the streaming starts it is not required to keep the app open.


chromecast for windows


The device then can be utilized for other needs. Chromecast has the capability to stream all types of content. The sources such as NetFlix, youtube, Google, Hulu plus and chrome browser specialized content can be played in the chromecast. The major competitors of the chromecast are the Roku streaming app and Apple TV.


You just need a dongle to set the chromecast up. You also need an HDTV containing a spare HDMI port and a steady Wi-Fi connection. The mobile and computer can be used to play the chromecast contents. If you have a TV that contains a USB port you can connect the power cable directly. Manage the device with the smartphone and the tablets or the android and the ios devices. You can use the computer to run it in the windows.


The chromecast performs as the transmitter for your TV and streaming video provider such as the antenna or the cable box. The youtube, Hulu, and Google play contents can be showcased in your chromecast which will then exhibit it on your TV. An ordinary chromecast will cost $35 (£35/AU$50).  When you subscribe to the video streaming apps such as Hulu and NetFlix you can use it through your pc which has a smaller screen than TV.


The chromecast is the device for you if you want to see the content you like anywhere you go. The chromecast will allow you to view the videos and also the audio content. Google keeps the official sites in check for you to see it through the help of the chromecast. Google has also launched the software development kit for aiding the chromecast. There are many new apps in store for you to be aware of any new releases in the corner to use chromecast effectively.


There are also many alternatives of chromecast like the Roku Express which will allow you to stream the content on the TV. But they are more expensive than the chromecast so you can use the chromecast to get good benefits for customer friendly price.


The Benefits Of The Chromecast App


The chromecast can be easily controlled with the voice also. Firstly the command has to be routed through the Google home device but now there is no need for that. You can provide the vocal command through the Google assistant. There is a full and complete setup instruction with great functionality in the chromecast.

Simply connect the phone and PC to the chromecast and watch the content you love. The chrome cast is a boon for the regular travelers. The logins which are browser-based logins are not supported by chromecast. You can change in the login details which is not hard when you move from place to place.


Chromecast For Windows


chromecast windows setup


Requirements to connect chromecast with windows

  • You need a chromecast device for the connection.
  • A windows version 10 system is required.
  • A chrome browser should be preinstalled in your windows system before starting this process.
  • A good internet connection can be necessary to cast your windows 10 with chromecast.


Complete Setup Process Of Chromecast With Windows 10


  • Plug-in the Google chromecast device with an HDMI port on your TV and now USB end to the USB adapter.
  • With the remote control of your television modify the source input to the HDMI port through which your device will be connected.
  • Till the HDMI port changes from 1 to HDMI port 2 in the remote control keep on pressing the input or the source button.
  • This is the process to connect the chromecast with television. After completing it you can easily set up chromecast with your windows.
  • On your windows platform ensure that you have a Google chrome website. If you have not installed the browser you can easily get it from the download links of chrome browser available in online sources.
  • In the chrome browser find a link which can help to setup chromecast with windows.
  • Now setup chromecast with windows through the link.
  • The user may have to agree to the privacy and other conditions to setup chromecast.
  • Once you agree a search will start to detect all the nearby chromecast devices.
  • If you find the chromecast device then click the setup button.
  • Connect the chromecast device with an open wifi network and click on the next button.
  • If the code appearing on your TV and your windows system is same then click the yes button.
  • Now you may have to enter a good name for your chromecast. By this name, chromecast will be identified.
  • The user will be asked to confirm the settings of your Wi-Fi. Select your wifi network and enter the correct password. Now click the connect button.
  • Now chromecast will be ready to cast screen and it can play anything on your windows 10 system.


Cast Videos and Movies On Windows


  • The Google chrome should be opened on your windows screen.
  • Find your favorite video and movie from movie streaming sites such as Netflix and hotstar that you would love to watch in on your windows system.
  • On the TV if you play the movie you can watch it on your windows system.


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Final Words 


With the help of chromecast, it is now very easy to watch and stream your favorite media file on any of the platforms you want. Windows pc is a favorite platform for many of the users so stream and enjoy your amazing free time with chrome cast and windows pc. I am pretty sure now you do not have any issue regarding setting up of chromecast for Windows 10 System. If you feel any doubt you can contact us anytime through contact us page.

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