Blue Screen of Death Windows 10 Error [Fixing Methods]

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We all heard about one term called BSOD, have you ever thought what is it and what is the functionality it has on Windows 10 or other Windows operating systems. Well, it is also known as Blue Screen of Death, and it is a Blue Full-Screen error in Windows OS that often displays when your system crash because of some big issue in your Windows 10.


Blue Screen of Death


Blue Screen of Death Windows 10 Error


We all having a good day and then something bad happened in our Windows OS based PC. You open your PC as you do on regular bases and suddenly you see the Blue Screen of Death, and almost everyone shocked to see that because it seems like you lost all the control of your PC and you don’t know what to do, what to use.


So if you are facing this issue then we have some tried and tested methods for you, which can fix the blue screen of death error in Windows 10 or any other Windows version. But first, let’s check out exactly what is Blue Screen of Death and why it comes in your PC.


What is Blue Screen of Death or BSOD?


The BSOD is also called as BSoD where small “o”, Blue Screen of Doom, bug check screen, system crash, kernel error, or simply Blue Screen Error. Most of the time, Blue screen of death comes in Windows 8 or Windows 10. Earlier versions of Windows have a somewhat less friendly appearance.


BSODs have been around since the early days of Windows and some common back then, only because hardware, software, and Windows itself was more buggy so to speak.


From Windows 95 through Windows 7, the Blue screen of death didn’t change much. A dark blue background and silver text. Lots and lots of unhelpful data on the screen is no doubt a big reason the BSOD got such a notorious rap.


Stop errors in other operating systems are not called BSODs but installed Kernal Panics in MacOS and Linux and bugchecks in OpenVMS.


Why It’s Called a Blue Screen of Death?


Death seems like a strong word, but NO, a BSOD does not mean a dead computer but it does mean a few things.


For one, it means everything has to stop, at least the operating systems concerned. You can’t close the error and go save the entire data or reset the computer the proper way. This is where the completer term STOP error comes from.


It also means, in almost all cases, there’s a serious problem enough that it’ll need to be corrected before you can expect to use your PC normally. Some BSODs comes during the Windows start-up process, meaning you’ll never get past it until you fix this issue. Others happen at various times during the use of your PC and so tend to be easier to fix.


Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 10 Error


There are plenty of reasons and then there are so many methods to deal with this error as well. You can check below tried and tested methods to treat the Blue Screen of Death Windows 10.


Method #1: Update PC Graphic Drivers


Sometimes due to outdated drivers, system face some errors to run the Windows smoothly. To fix such errors, you need to download and install the latest and new drives for your connected devices. Now you can do this manually as well or you can use some driver scanner and update tools. You can try Driver Talent that is widely-used by Windows users to update their PC drivers. It has the ability to instantly identify the outdated graphics card, corrupted, missing or broken within seconds.


You can follow below steps to update drivers manually:


  • First, open the control panel from the search bar.
  • Check small icons, then tap on Device Manager.
  • Now you have to expand category Display Adapters.
  • Right click on the driver that need to update and then select Update Driver Software.
  • Now tap Browse my computer for driver software if you have downloaded before and if not then use online search.
  • Now you can also go to the manufacturer website and download new drivers directly.


Method #2: Check External Hardware Devices


It might your final answer to the question like How to Stop Blue Screen of Death Windows 10. Sometimes, some of the external hardware devices that have been attaching into the PC can also cause the error.


  • You will be required to unplug all the external devices.
  • Now reboot the PC.
  • If the PC boots successfully then plug the devices back in to and check which hardware device is the reason behind it.
  • Now Install Drivers.


Method #3: Start Windows in Safe Mode and Update Windows


Now in this method, you need to start the PC in Safe Mode and then update your system. So to do that, you can follow below step by step procedure.

  1. Open, Safe Mode with Networking.
  2. Open Start Menu > Settings > Update and recovery > Windows Update.
  3. Check for Updates.
  4. Restart your PC.


Method #4: Disabling Fast Startup


  1. First, go to Control Panel.
  2. Now tap on System and Security.
  3. You will be required to select the Power Options.
  4. Now tap on What the power buttons do.
  5. Now tap on ‘Change settings that currently unavailable’ for more Shutdown options available.
  6. Now uncheck the box >Turn on Fast Startup.
  7. Now Reboot PC.

Final Verdicts:


We hope you find this post on Blue Screen of Death Windows 10 error fixing guide. If you still have any query, then please drop them in the comment section below. We will answer all your queries as soon as possible.

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