6 Easy Ways To Fix 0x80070424 – Windows 10 Update Error

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Are you trying to update your Windows 10 but facing the Windows 10 Update Error code 0x80070424? Don’t worry you are not alone and we have searched out for the best ways for you to solve this issue. You may face this error code while installing your update through standalone installer or the Update and Windows Security option.

0x80070424 update error

How Can You Fix This Error Code 0x80070424?

There are plenty of reasons which can cause this error code 0x80070424 update error. We will state the best methods to solve this issue.

Method 1: Using The Advanced Repair Tool To Fix This Issue:

The reason behind this might be the corrupted or deleted system files stored on your computer which might be preventing it from installing the update on it. This can also be caused by invalid registry entries, replaced dll files, incompatible installed drivers, system misconfiguration and few other reasons. The solution to solve these issues is simple which is Advanced System Repair Tool. This tool will scan your computer for all such errors and misplaced files and would solve the problems with your computer with single click and would increase the speed of your system as well.

Download Advanced System Repair Tool

Method 2: Restarting Workstation, Bits And Windows Update

For installing Windows update, two softwares namely Workstation and BITS are very important services. If one of this service stops working, this might also cause the 0x80070424 error code on your computer. To restart these services follow the steps mentioned below in this article:

STEP 1: In the Service window, open the Run command and type services.msc and click on OK.
STEP 2: Now look out for Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS), right click upon it and click on Restart to restart the service immediately.
STEP 3: Now find Windows Update, and restart it in the same way.
STEP 4: Similarly, look out for Workstation and restart it too.
STEP 5: Now turn off the Services tab and try updating your Windows again. Your issue would have been solved after this.


Method 3: Running Windows Update Troubleshooter On Your Computer:

Windows Update Troubleshooter is made up to solve all your updated related issues on your computer. It is convenient to use and provides efficient results. To start Windows Update Troubleshooter on your computer, we have listed the steps below. These steps are as follows:

STEP 1: Open the Start menu and search for Troubleshooter there.
STEP 2: Upon opening the next window, search for Windows update and click upon it.
STEP 3: Now click on “Run the Troubleshooter” tab and run the troubleshooter on your computer.
STEP 4: Wait till the process finishes. By the end of the process your Windows Update Error 0x80070424.


Method 4: Running System Files Checker Tool On Your Computer

System File Checker tool repairs the damaged and corrupted files on your computer. Windows Update depends on several files, if any of these files get corrupted or damaged then you might not be able to update your Windows and will face the Windows Update Error 0x80070424. This tool will search for all the issues on your computer and will automatically fix them right away. To run System Files Checker tool on your computer, follow the steps mentioned below:

STEP 1: Run Command Prompt as administrator on your computer.
win10 cmd
STEP 2: Type “sfc /scannow” command and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
command prompt
STEP 3: Wait till the process completes. Now close the command prompt tab and try installing the Windows update again on your computer.

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Method 5: Repairing File Systems Using Chkdsk Command

Chkdsk command is the acronym for Check Disk. By using this command on command prompt, you would be able to solve all issues concerning with system files on your computer. Issues with file systems might also be the reason behind the Windows Update Error code 0x80070424. To run the Chkdsk command follow the steps we have mentioned below in our article. Steps are listed below:

STEP 1: Run Command Prompt as administrator on your computer from the Start menu.

win10 cmd

STEP 2: Type “chkdsk volume: /f /r” in the command prompt window and press Enter.

STEP 3: Now close the command prompt, and restart the Windows Update.

Method 6: Resetting Windows Update On Your Computer

Sometimes, when you try to update your Windows, some components might gets stored on your computer which might cause an issue in your Windows update and you will face the error code 0x8007424 on your computer. Resetting Windows Components might be beneficial in solving this error code on your computer.


The error code 0x80070424 is the most common error code during the Windows Update. We have listed some of the most working methods to solve this issue on your computer. Try these all and let us know which one works the best for you.

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