5 Ways to Solve Windows Update Error 0x8007000d

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Are you facing Windows Update error 0x8007000d while updating your Windows 10 to the latest version? If so, then don’t worry we are here to solve this issue for you. To start with, first lets understand why this error occurs while updating your Windows.


Why Does Windows Update Error 0x8007000d Occur?

This error code 0x8007000d might occur while updating or installing Windows on your computer or while registering your Windows Operating System or Microsoft Office products. This error might also take place when your software activation files are incorrect or your activation fails.

Moreover, this error might also occur due to certain other reasons like damaged or corrupted protected files such as sys files, dll files or exe files. The updating of certain softwares depend on variety of system files and their corruption might cause the application to not work or show error code 0x8007000d.

To fix this error code, you need to fix several parts of your Operating System. I am listing here all the possible solutions to solve Windows Error 0x8007000d on your computer. The following are the five methods to solve this problem.

Method 1: Usind Advanced System Repair Tool To Fix This Problem:

As stated above, this error takes place because of corrupted or damaged files on your computer or virus scanners such as Trojan or some viruses that have infected your computer. So, in order to get rid of these files on your computer you need to install the Advanced System Repair Tool on your computer. This tool might solve all of your Windows update error codes including error code 0x8007000d.

Method 2: Resetting Windows Update Components On Your Computer

Sometimes, your computer saves certain components on your computer which might stop you from updating your windows. This method might solve your problem completely. To solve this problem, you might need to run some command on your computer to reset all the components that play an essential role in Windows Update. Follow the link pasted below to learn about the complete method of doing this manually:

Method 3: Running Troubleshooter For Windows Update

This is the best troubleshooter to solve any problems related to Windows Update. This software scans your computer for all the windows update files and fix any problems in the update procedure. This is the most convenient and effective way to solve Windows Update error 0x8007000d. You can the Windows Update troubleshooter by following the method provided in the link pasted below. Visit this site to understand the procedure to solve the Windows Error 0x8007000d on your computer. The link is provided below:

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Method 4: Running System File Checker Tool On Your Computer

System File Checker tool works with a one-line command in command prompt which solves all of your problems with corrupted or damaged files. This software deletes or replace your corrupted or damaged system files on your computer and solve your Windows Update error issue. The corrupted files might be in form of exe, dll, sys files, inf or ocx files. To try out this method, follow the steps provided on the link mentioned below in this article. Follow each step and this might solve your error code 0x8007000d. The link is provided here:

Method 5: Running Dism Command

DISM is an acronym for Deployment Image Servicing and Management. This is also a command line tool just like System File Checker that deletes or replaces the corrupted and damaged Windows Image files on your computer through command prompt. These type of files can not be replaced through the System File Checker tool and requires you to run the DISM command on the command prompt. To use this command you need to follow the following steps:


In the above article we have stated few methods which would be beneficial in solving the Windows Update error 0x8007000d error while updating your Windows. These methods can also solve several other issues with your Windows 7/8/10.

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