5 Ways to Fix We Couldn’t Set Up Office Error 0xc004f200

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Are you facing an error while downloading Microsoft Office on your computer? When you proceed to installMS Office 365/2013/2016/2019, there are chances that you receive some error message.

Fix We Couldnt Set Up Office Error

This message can be like:

“Sorry, we couldn’t install Office on your device. Before trying again, Check that if your device is connected to the Internet or not and if Windows is activated. Error Code No: 0xc004f200”

If you will click Close at it, you may receive the following message:

“Let’s try again. Something may happen while trying to set up your MS Office. You can try again later, but if that doesn’t work then choose Continue.”

In this article, I am going to discuss why this error occurs and how can you fix 0xc004f200 error easily.

Why such error occurs?

Mostly this type of error occurs when you try to install MS Office 2013/2016/2019 or Office 365.

Most probably, the reasons which can be there behind the occurrence of this error can be the following:

  • Your Microsoft Windows is not activated.
  • Maybe you are using an old version of Windows that is not able to support MS Office’s latest version.
  • Registry Entry may be missing
  • Maybe you are missing some important system files like DLL files, exe files, sys files, ocx files, etc.
  • There must be malware or virus running behind your PC.

Methods to fix this error:

I have selected some useful methods for you that will surely help you in fixing this error and makes your installation easy.

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Method 1:

By using Advanced System Repair Tool:

Advanced System Repair Tool is designed to help you to scan the problem. If fix the error automatically by itself.

It finds the problems occurring on your device and fixes all the system bugs, it repairs registry files, update old software’s, removes malware or viruses, increase security of your PC, clear junk files and keep your device safe.

You can easily use the Advanced System Repair tool to fix MS Office Error “0xc004f200”.


You can easily fix this error by following some steps:

  • Download Advanced System Repair tool on your device.
  • After that, SCAN your Windows.
  • Press button “FIX” to Repair MS Office Error.

Method 2:

By Activating Windows:

You must have to activate your Windows before installing MS Office.

If you buy a PC or a laptop with Windows and MS Office then as early as you start windows on your device, it will take some time to activate itself.

To activate itself, your device must be connected with the internet. If you start MS Office Installation before the activation of Windows, then you will find an error. So, first, activate your windows and then you can check, whether your Windows OS is activated or not by the steps mentioned below.

windows activation


  • Click on Start Menu, move to Settings.
  • Press “Update & Security” and then “Activation”.
  • You can check there easily.

Method 3:

By the Use of Latest Windows OS:

If you are trying to install MS Office 2019 in Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 then you will get some message which can be like this:

“We Couldn’t Set Up MS Office due to an Error 0xc004f200” because the new version of MS Office 2019 only supports Windows 10.

So, you must have to upgrade your OS before moving towards the latest version of Microsoft Office.

Method 4:

By Updating Windows, software, and drivers:

One of the main reasons behind the MS Office installation problem is outdated software, drivers and windows.

You should first update all the windows components before installing them. You can also use the Advanced System Repair Tool mentioned above to update windows and installed software and drivers automatically.

Method 5:

Run Office Troubleshooter:

It is an easy and best way to fix any MS Office installation issues.


You can Run Office troubleshooter by following steps:

  • Firstly, Download Office Troubleshooter in your device.
  • Click to run the troubleshooter.
  • Press the “Next” button.
  • It will start detecting problems automatically and will show you all the problems if found.
  • Then press “next” to fix those problems.

Final verdict:

The 5 methods which I have mentioned above will surely work for you to fix the MS Office installation error.

So try and let us know which method worked for you! If you found any problem do comment.

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